"Oncodistinct is a research network bringing together academic lead investigators sharing the same vision of innovative clinical research"

Our Initiative

Executive summary

Created at the initiative of several cancer centres in and outside of Europe, the Oncodistinct Network is a multidisciplinary group of investigators with an expertise in early drug development and clinical research.

Together, we aim to address the current challenges in oncology and improve patients’ outcomes by developing innovative clinical studies and accelerating the development of anti-cancer drugs in solid tumors, particularly in settings with unmet medical needs.

As of today, the network brings together more than 20 cancer centres and university hospitals. Oncodistinct is built on tight collaborations between oncologists, organ specialists, radiotherapists and scientists of each Oncodistinct site as well as pharmaceutical companies.

After three years of existence, the network is showing a fast and dynamic evolution and gathers a growing number of clinical centres and think tank members.

Oncodistinct Meeting
Presentations of studies at the 7th Oncodistinct meeting.
Working groups
Working group session at the 7th Oncodistinct meeting!

Annual Meetings

Bisannual meetings

On top of regular contacts, Oncodistinct members meet twice a year to pursue scientific collaborations, set-up clinical trials and think together about new projects for the network.

Meet the Industry Meetings

Gatherings with pharmaceutical industries are a good opportunity to develop the network and to start new collaborations. Meet the Industry meetings intend to select a few pharma representatives to present projects that could be of interest for the network.

“working together”

A new model of clinical research collaboration

“working together”

Academic centres, non-academic centres with expertise in research, early and late drug developers, multidisciplinary investigators, clinicians, laboratory workers and patients.

Scientific input

High number of screened patients

Speed in performance of trials

Able to perform early (2-3 centres) to late phase trials within the network (several centres)

Meet the Oncodistinct network

A network composed of comprehensive cancer centers and university hospitals with expertise in oncology. The centers closely work together to contribute to a common project.