"A network composed of comprehensive cancer centers and university hospitals with expertise in oncology. The centers closely work together to contribute to a common project"

Oncodistinct network


Our organization is based on interactions between all entities composing the network: investigators, industries, patients, scientists.

We are all “working together” to improve patient outcomes!

Operational Team

The role of the Operational Team is to manage the day-to-day activities.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has the responsibility of strategic decisions and is composed of one representative per Oncodistinct center.

Coordinating Team

The Coordinating Team is composed of physicians elected by the Steering Committee and implements the decisions of the Steering Committee.

Think tank

The driving force of the Oncodistinct Network is firmly its Investigators’ Think Tank. It is the forum for scientific discussions, ideas and strategies which brings innovative clinical research projects. The think tank is composed by a large panel of experts in cancer care (investigators, scientists…) involved in drug development.

Oncodistinct actions

Working groups

To be more efficient and to work on different topics, each member can choose to join a working group. The aim of the working groups is to share thoughts and ideas in order to develop future innovative studies for the Network.

Tumor-type related trials

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Breast cancer, Gastrointestinal cancers, Urology cancers, Thoracic cancers

Unmet needs

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Unmet medical needs projects (e.g. brain metastasis…).

Early Drug Development

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New drugs development from phase I to later phases trials (e.g. randomized phase II studies).

“Out of the box” projects are encouraged among all these WGs, with innovative, original trial designs, treatment strategies and topics.
The results of the discussions are shared at each biannual Oncodistinct meeting.

Meet our Junior Faculty

Young investigators are encouraged to join the network and to take leading positions. This contributes to have an interesting knowledge-sharing and to exchange experiences regarding clinical trials and support them for their own projects.

The Translational Research Group

The aim of the Oncodistinct Translational research group is to:

  • Interact and cooperate with other members of Oncodistinct.
  • Bring a scientific input and participate to translational research activities related to Oncodistinct clinical studies.
  • Exchange of know-how, material, etc. with other members/labs of the network

Oncodistinct Patient Advisory Panel (OPAP)

The Oncodistinct Patient Advisory Panel (OPAP) aims to provide researchers and physician-investigators with another perspective on issues related to oncology research.

The mission of OPAP is to improve the relevance and impact of Oncodistinct research projects by involving patients, since the early stages of the development of clinical research protocols. Composed of patients, the main activities of OPAP imply to review and collect opinions on research protocols under development, and to proofread patient information documents and consent forms.